The IPRC - Portuguese Institute for Customer Relations launches the LAC Certification - Leader in Customer Service - SAFE & CARE.

This certification is a distinction that refers and recognizes the commercial establishments that provide quality customer service, while complying with the rules and guidelines of the Directorate General of Health for the prevention of COVID-19 and/or other contagious diseases.

The objective of this certification is to increase the level of trust of customers, who expect a caring, protective and empathetic service, capable of responding to their requests and needs, as well as ensuring their safety and well-being. On the other hand, the objective of this certification is to help companies identify gaps in service and adopt measures to reinforce customer confidence and satisfaction levels.

The Mystery Client assessment, conducted by the IPRC's group of auditors, as well as the experiences collected by the clients will be the indicators used to validate compliance with customer service requirements and DGS guidelines.

To support this certification, the IPRC created the "Empathic Care Manual" which helps care professionals to adopt a protective and caring attitude towards the Customer, through positive and empathic communication, internalizing the DGS rules as a means to care with a view to greater well-being and potential customer loyalty.

Requirements to be met

The adhesion, and consequent use of the "LAC Safe & Care" seal, requires a commitment on the part of the company to full compliance with the set of DGS requirements, highlighting: 

  • Availability of an internal manual of prevention procedures and guidelines;
  • Daily self-monitoring of disinfection and cleaning practices;
  • Compliance with the guidelines of the Directorate General of Health, regarding cleanliness, signage, service organization and PPE;
  • Provision of information to customers.


​​​​​​O IPRCin coordination with the Auditors team, will carry out periodic audits to the adhering establishments.


Certification LAC – SAFE & CARE provides Certified Training solutions, within the scope of Customer Service, with the objective of ensuring that all the certification requirements are known and trained. The aim is to raise the teams' awareness of good Customer Service practices, as well as the basic procedures and measures of COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control.