Testimony by Bibiana Oliveira, Commercial Director of Indaqua of Vila do Conde.

"When we work with clients for many years, we are often assailed by a lack of humility, by those who think they have learned everything. We create a portfolio of stereotypical clients and adjust words and actions, exempting the process from feelings. We alternate only between machines and actors playing a role. Everything else is scripted.

In the LAC certification process, we realized that public service is much more than a preconceived phrase spoken in a pleasant tone. It is, above all, truth. And truth is hard to come by.

Before anything else, we had to clean our filters and reprogram our message decoders. Others are for us what we read from them, and our "receivers" are not always adjusted to the "transmitters" of our clients. Throughout the process, we understand how to maximize this channel of message exchange, so that above all, devoid of any value judgments, it is possible to get to the truth: the truth in empathy, the truth in gestures, the truth in words, the truth in the interest for the other.

Is it an easy course? No.

If it is a fast track? I wish.

Does it have an end? It never will.

Was it worth it? Very much so!

The day we received our first praise, after certification, we were sure that we had found our direction as emotionally intelligent beings!

LAC, H2Orgulously!"