Arte de Encantar in Lisbon – 41st Edition Lisbon

29 March 2023 | IPAM Lisbon

The IPRC (Portuguese Institute for Customer Relations) in partnership with IPAM Lisbon, promote another edition of the training that travels the country since 2011. The Art of Charming is a training that has been gaining followers with each passing year. With 12 years of travelled path, it is already a reference in the business world. Bringing together themes such as motivation, empathy, positive attitude, phases of attendance, among others, it becomes at a certain point, more than a training, grabbing your audience until the last moment. Having as a speaker, the national responsible for the project LAC - Leader in Customer Service, Drª Judite Manso, we could count on a focused session, objective, and with really charming content. The Art of Charming is a free training and will take place next March 29th at IPAM Lisbon.

With 40 editions held and more than 4000 participants, this project has demonstrated the importance of these themes and the relevance that the market recognises.

An excellent opportunity to train teams in the field of customer relations, it is aimed at all professionals in the commerce, products and/or services sector, professionals and future professionals, and is open to the general public.

We all recognise the importance of customer relations and hence the importance of quality service, we have all experienced good and bad service and we know how this affects our purchasing decision. In an era like the one we live in, we cannot lose customers because they don't like people!


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