Farmácia d'Arrábida is a Leader in Customer Service

Farmácia d'Arrábida, a company with the mission to better serve all those who seek a reliable and excellent service, has won in its shop in the Arrábida Shopping Centre, the LAC certification - Leader in Customer Service, in both in-person and digital channels.

Farmácia d'Arrábida was created in 2010 in Sandim, however, it was in the Arrábida Shopping Centre that it managed to implement a solid and sustainable growth strategy, increasing its offer to the market of the services provided and investing in the frequent training of its staff. The achievement of LAC Certification, now distinguishes the excellence of customer service.

LAC Certification makes an exhaustive evaluation of all aspects of Farmácia d'Arrábida's relationship with its customers, recognising the implementation of best practices in face-to-face and digital customer service, as well as the work that has been developed with the teams in providing a service of excellence.