LAC Certification

Would you like to distinguish the attendance of your business?

What is LAC?

The LAC - Leader in Customer Serviceis an international program that analyzes and certifies organizations that comply with the parameters of excellence in customer relations, offering the manager an important management and continuous improvement tool, and consequently a positive impact on the company's prestige and image among its customers.

Investing in the relationship with the client is a differentiating factor.

What does it mean to be LAC?

  • Generate and promote a Positive culture that values excellence
  • Recognize and value the role of the professionals who implement this culture
  • Refer and standardize the procedures of a charming attendance
  • Offering an important management tool to the manager, who now has visibility of the real quality that his teams deliver and consequently of their sales and loyalty potential

Com 43 edições realizadas e mais de 4600 participantes, o projeto Arte de encantar, tem vindo a demonstrar a importância do relacionamento com o cliente e a relevância que o mercado lhe reconhece. Todos nós já experimentámos um bom e um mau atendimento e sabemos como isso condiciona na nossa decisão de compra. Numa época como a que vivemos, não podemos perder clientes porque não gostam das pessoas!
And the professionals in the field... many have no idea that they can learn, that they can turn intuitive behavior, into professional behavior.
The main objective of this action is to promote, dignify, qualify, and professionalize an area as important as this one.

Want to know more about the "Arte de Encantar"?

Who is LAC Certified?

LAC Certification is applicable to all organizations that have a customer relationship.

LAC therefore integrates different business areas, ranging from commerce and services to industry.

It is no longer enough to simply satisfy the customer, you have to delight the customer.

Philip Kotler

How does the certification process work?

The certification process is structured in a flexible model that is applied according to the organization's needs and/or objectives. 

As a guideline, this is supported in 4 phases:

Fase 1 - Disgnosticar
Fase 2 - (In)Formar
Fase 3 - Distinguir/Certificar

Types of certification

The methodology of service analysis is initially based on the performance of a diagnosis via Mystery Auditor.
Nessa abordagem são analisados diversos itens nas quatro grandes áreas de avaliação de acordo com a tipologia de certificação LAC.

The organization gets LAC Certification with 80% of the total items evaluated.

At the face-to-face level, 4 key areas are assessed:

  • Consumer protection law
  • Presentation of the space
  • Presentation of the professionals
  • Attendance

Through a virtual approach (telephone and written communication), will be the contact with the client, verifying compliance with the following minimum requirements:

  • Telephone
    • Contact
    • Relation
    • Transferring a call
    • Language
    • Attendance
    • Closure
  • Written Communication
    • Waiting time
    • Personalisation of the response
    • Structure and language
    • Content

In terms of voice communication (telephone), the behaviour of the following key points is assessed:

  • Contact
  • Relation
  • Attendance
  • Closure

The web environment, is evaluated by a new and a frequent customer, analysing the following key points:

  • Utility
  • Ease of use
  • Attractiveness and efficiency
  • Intention of revisit

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Doubts and frequently asked questions

An audit consists of an analysis of the way your organisation's attendance is currently being carried out, with the objective of verifying whether it is being done according to LAC's methodology.

In Phase 1, audits can take several forms: via Mystery Client, questionnaires or interviews with employees or customers. In Phase 3 and Phase 4, audits are carried out by Mystery Clients.

If your company interacts with customers, no doubt LAC Certification is applicable to your business.

LAC Certification offers the manager an important management and continuous improvement tool and consequently a positive impact on the prestige and image of the company before its clients.

No. The process is unbureaucratic, making the certification process simple and easy.

Certification time may vary according to the number of points of contact you wish to certify. However, by way of example, for a point of contact with the 4 Phases of the project, the process up to LAC Certification may take up to 3 months.

LAC Certification is renewed annually.

Phase 1 - Diagnose - At this point, the aim is to understand what the relationship between the customer and your organisation is like.

Phase 2 - (In)Training - According to the analysis of the previous phase, at this moment consultancy and/or training to employees may happen according to the detected needs or simply nothing may happen. We only emphasize that the teams should always be aligned with the project objectives.

Phase 3 - Distinguish - This is when we will do the assessment once again, via mystery shopper to all the channels they want to certify. This phase is the only one that is mandatory.

Phase 4 - Maintain - In this phase audits are carried out on a regular basis, according to the client's needs, with the aim of providing feedback on how your organisation is performing in terms of attendance throughout the year.

It is a customised project suited to your organisation. It promotes a culture of quality service by increasing the responsibility of professionals, thus guaranteeing the best results for your organisation. For the client, it increases their confidence in your organisation, as they know that when they come to you, there will be a commitment to providing a caring and charming service focused on meeting their needs and expectations.

Be a Leader in Customer Service

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