Who we are

Who we are?

The Portuguese Institute for Customer Relations is the National entity holder of the certification methodology LAC - Leader in Customer Service.

LAC is an international program that evaluates and certifies organizations that meet minimum requirements for service quality and comply with the Consumer Defense Law.

One of the goals of the IPRC is to fill a gap in the national market, sensitizing organizations and people to a continuous relationship of excellence with everyone involved in the business.


We inspire positive relationships to generate excellence in organizations.


To research, develop, and implement innovative methodologies to enhance and strengthen the relationship with the client.


We research, develop and test innovative solutions to enhance the relationship with the client

We monitor the implementation of methodologies and control results

We are ethical and non-judgmental in our analysis of customer interactions

We develop an objective, clear and rigorous communication with our interlocutors

We establish relationships of trust based on rigor and ethics with all of our stakeholders

We fulfill our commitments and deliver value

We are passionate about people

We are committed to our mission: we think and create value with a focus on the relationship

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