It ended up happening a little without happening, because I knew Dr. Judite who directed me was Teresa Moreira and the points that were focused with the LAC Certification were so important for any commercial activity. Many times we think that attending well is not something central, but of course it is.

We never know the profile of the customer that comes into our store, and our attitude towards the customer has to be adapted to each one when making the exchange between the customer and our company.

Thanks to LAC we have improved the in-store presentation and filled in the gaps in relation to attendance, the questions you ask, what you should or shouldn't say, and I recognize that the results are more positive.

I feel that I am a person who knows how to serve clients but I feel that I have a lot of room for improvement. I love to serve clients and when I am faced with a more complicated situation and this is where LAC came in. When I am faced with a more delicate situation for me to sell, it seems that sometimes my thinking breaks down and Judite and Florinda offered structures so that there is continuity in customer service.

My confidence and my determination to reach the sales goal became much easier for me, not only because of my experience, and that's exactly where I learned from LAC improving my day to day life.

My determination and confidence to reach the sales goal has become much easier for me and I will continue my growth with Florinda and Judite.

The presentation inside the store, outside the store, of the professionals, and especially the dynamic of the store has improved a lot.

Urbalina Freitas – Tetys